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Ever Faithful God in this new year I pray:

to live deeply with purpose,
to live freely, with detachment,
to live wisely, with humility,
to live justly with compassion,
to live lovingly with fidelity,
to live mindfully with awareness,
to live gratefully with generosity,
to live fully, with enthusiasm.

Help me to hold this vision
and to daily renew it in my heart,
becoming ever more one with you,
my truest Self.


I arise with amazement at the presence of the Holy One.
I arise with gratitude for life.
I arise with hope that all shall be well.
I arise with courage to meet what will be difficult.
I arise with conviction to do what is life-giving.
I arise with eyes ever alert for beauty.
I arise with openness to greater truth.
I arise with desire for continued transformation.
I arise with compassion for the hurting ones in the cosmos.
I arise with grief still settled in my spirit.
I arise with a sense of kinship with all whom I love.
I arise with determination to make good choices in using my time.
I arise with willingness to help those who will need my care.
I arise with hesitation as I think about the pain that may come.
I arise with longing for ever greater inner freedom.
I arise with happiness, knowing that I am invited to live life more fully.
I arise with love for the Holy One, my Intimate Companion.

Compassionate God and faithful Friend, thank you for the opportunity to walk into another year of life. Help me to be faithful, to be generous, to be yours.


In You, O my Beloved, do I take refuge;
Let me never feel separated from You!
In your compassion come and refresh me;
listen to my cry,
answer my plea!
Be to me a rock, a tower of strength,
a strong arm to uphold me,
as I abandon myself into your hands.

Be a very Presence to me as fear grips me.
For You, O Friend, are my hope,
my strength, since I was but a child.
Upon you have I trusted from my birth,
You, whom I knew before my mother's womb.
I continually sing praises to you.

I have been a burden to many;
In you alone will I trust.
I am filled with gratitude and
sing your praises all the day.
Do not abandon me in my old age;
desert me not when my strength is
spent, or
when my mind plays tricks with me.
For fears rise up to confuse me,
doubts and forgetfulness
band together,
And say,"the Beloved no longer dwells with you;
there is no one to stand by you."

O Friend be not far from me;
O Beloved come and enfold me
in your Presence!
Help me to release my fears.
Hear my prayer that they may be transformed,
O You, who are my Counsellor.
As I surrender myself into your hands,
I praise you more and more.
I tell others of your goodness
of your compassion and grace
all the day;
for your glory is beyond my understanding.
As I grow in inner peace and serenity,
I sing songs of praise,
to You my Friend!

You who have done wondrous things.
O Beloved, who is like You?
You who have seen me through many fears,
strengthen me again:
From the depth of despair
You renew my spirit,
You increase my trust, and You comfort me.

Blessed be the Beloved, who dwells in all hearts!

Prayer of St Benedict

Gracious and Holy Father,
Give us wisdom to perceive You,
diligence to seek You,
patience to wait for You,
eyes to behold You,
hearts to meditate upon You,
and life to proclaim You,
through the power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

St Benedict c. 480 – c. 547

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,
into all the dark and dreary places
of this world.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,
into hearts that are broken and lives
that are shattered.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,
into sinful souls—my own included.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,
bring to repentance
all nations of the world.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,
fulfil your promise of reconciliation.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,
bring your healing love to all.



O, Beloved, Heart of my heart,
I call to You for my help by day;
I cry out in the night.
Let my prayer come before You,
bend your ear to my cry!
For my soul is full of troubles, and my life sees like dust,
I have fallen into a pit of despair;
I have no strength and I feel powerless,
Like one from whom You have turned, like the soil people walk upon.
You alone can comfort me in the deep pit,
in the darkness of fear.
Separation from You is an agony,
hopelessness threatens to overwhelm me.
Through You alone can I pray for my enemies, for those who ignore my plight.
I am in a prison chained by fear;
I am weary of tears.
Every day I call upon You, O Beloved;
I lift up my hands in supplication.
Will You raise me from this living death?
Will You mend a broken heart?
Let not your steadfast love pass me by;
have mercy on me, O Comforter!
Reach Your hand into the darkness of my fears,
by your saving grace forgive my unholy ways.
O Merciful Redeemer, I cry to You;
each day my prayer comes before You.
Let not separation keep me from your Heart;
be my strength as I face the darkness inside.
Too long have I let fear control me,
projecting onto others the demons dwelling within.
Let Your Love circle and envelop me;
in Your mercy raise me up.
Let peace become my companion all day long;
By night free me from the bonds of fear.
Let me be reconciled with family and friends;
and may I know You
as Loving Companion Presence
as in days of old.


There is a difference between silence and emptiness. Silence is a very busy thing. It opens us to the exploration of the self. Emptiness is the vacuum we find when something is missing from our lives and needs to be replaced.


Everyone is struck down by something in life. It is the detour that determines the definition of the journey. We can lose our way then and there, stay stuck in unfamiliar territory, stall and give up. Or we can take the new direction confident that in the end we will end up exactly where we were meant to be whether we can see how that is possible right now or not.


"All sins," Simone Weil wrote, "are attempts to fill voids." When something important - love, dignity, respect - is missing in life, we find something to replace it. Young people find the gangs that will include them. Adults find the drugs that will numb them. When I find myself grappling with any kind of excess, the question must be, For what emptiness in me am I trying to compensate.

Prayer Of St Clare

Whose beauty
all the heavenly hosts
behold forever,
whose love
inflames our love,
the contemplation
of whom is our
whose graciousness
is our delight,
whose gentleness fills us
to overflowing,
whose remembrance
makes us
glow with happiness,
whose fragrance
revives the dead,
the glorious vision
of whom will be
the happiness
of all the citizens of the
heavenly Jerusalem…

Happy the soul
to whom it is given
to attain this life
with him,
to cleave with all one’s
heart to him.


The Master was asked, 'What is Spirituality?'
He said, Spirituality is that which succeeds in bringing man to Inner Transformation.
'But if I apply the traditional methods handed down by the Masters, is that not Spirituality?'
'It is not Spirituality if it does not perform its function for you. A blanket is no longer a blanket if it does not keep you warm.'
'So Spirituality does change?'
'People change and needs change. So what was Spirituality once is Spirituality no more. What generally goes under the name of Spirituality is merely the record of past methods.
Cut the coat to fit the person. Don't cut the person to fit the coat.


Breathe on me, O Breath of Inspiration,
in the silence of my tranquil heart,
infill me with your wisdom.
O, that I might radiate the compassion and peace,
the truth and beauty of the Beloved!
Direct my steps, O Holy One, that
I may humbly walk with You.
The witness of your Life is my model;
therefore my soul yearns for You.
The unfolding of your Word gives light;
it imparts understanding to the simple.
My mouth pours forth praise continually,
for I am ever grateful for your Promises.

You come to me and you are gracious to me,
as You are to all who open their heart's door.
Guide my steps according to your Word,
and show me how to lovingly co-create with You.
Let me not be lured by the world's values,
that I may walk in the path of wholeness.
May your face shine upon your friend,
as You teach me of Love.
I weep over our wounded world,
our earth ravaged by greedy insensitive hands.


Sometimes there would be a rush
of noisy visitors and the silence
of the monastery would be shattered.

This would upset the disciples; not
the Master who seemed just as content
with the noise as with the silence.

To his protesting disciples he said
one day, "Silence is not the absence
of sound, but the absence of self."


The Master was known to favour
action over withdrawal. But he
always insisted on "enlightened" action.

The disciples wanted to know
what "enlightened" meant.
Did it mean 'right-intentioned'?

"Oh no," said the Master.
"Think how right-intentioned the monkey is
when he lifts a fish from the river
to save it from a watery grave."

People who talk a lot about themselves seldom want to hear what others have to say.


Restore us, O Holy One;
let your face shine upon us,
teach us to love!

You companion us through the wilderness,
through the shadows created by fear.
You plant your Seed into each heart.
You uproot the weeds of our sin,
You cultivate the soil of our goodness.
Truly, in You, we become like a tiny acorn,
holding the secret of a mighty oak.
You nourish us with the food of Love,
with streams of Living Water.
Be our strength as we break down walls
that separate and divide;
let not fear pluck away the gifts
we should share.
Roll way the stones that become obstacles
to growth,
to producing a bountiful harvest.

Receive our gratitude, O Heart of all hearts!
look upon us and see what
Love can do.


He thought it was of vital importance to be poor and austere. It had never dawned on him that the vitally important thing was to drop his ego; that the ego fattens on holiness just as much as on worldliness, on poverty as on riches, on austerity as on luxury. There is nothing the ego will not seize upon to inflate itself.

Disciple: I have come to you with nothing in my hands.

Master: Then drop it at once!

Disciple: But how can I drop it? It is nothing.

Master: Then carry it around with you!

You can make a possession of your nothing.
And carry your renunciation around you like a trophy.
Don't drop your possessions. Drop your ego.


After a while you learn the subtle difference
Between holding and chaining a soul,
And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning
And company doesn't mean security,
And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts
And presents aren't promises,
And you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes open,
And learn to build all you roads
On today because tomorrow's ground
Is too uncertain for plans, and futures have
A way of falling down in mid-flight.
After a while you learn that even sunshine
Burns if you get too much.
So you plant your own garden and decorate
Your own soul, instead of waiting
For someone to bring you flowers,
And you learn that you really can endure. . .
That you really are strong
And you really do have worth.
And you learn and learn. . .
With every good-bye you learn.


May the strength of God pilot us,
May the power of God preserve us,
May the wisdon of God instruct us,
May the hand of God protect us,
May the way of God direct us,
May the shield of God defend us,
May the host of God guard us,
against snares of evil
and the temptations of the world.


The Sufi Bayazid says this about himself:
'I was a revolutionary when I was young and all my prayer to God was, "Lord, give me the energy to change the world."

As I approached middle age and realised that half my life was gone without my changing a single soul, I changed my prayer to: "Lord, give me the grace to change all those who come in contact with me. Just my family and friends, and I shall be content."

Now that I am an old man and my days are numbered, my prayer now is: "Lord, give me the grace to change myself." If I had prayed for this right from the start I should not have wasted my life.


How did Christ begin his great work, the salvation of the world?
He began simply, quietly. No fanfare. No fireworks. No public launching.
He began by calling a few people - two in fact.
It was as simple as that.
He began with personal contact and that is how his work developed.
It was passed on from person to person by word of mouth.

We shouldn't be surprised at this.
Things which begin with a splash often peter out.
Whereas those which begin quietly put down deep roots, grow steadily, and survive to produce fruits that last.

So, if there is something which we want to do,
let us not hesitate and think too much.
Let us make a start, however small.
Let us take one step. Let us plant one seed.
Let us trust that if our cause is good,
God will support us, and it will grow and prosper.


Lord Jesus, you know me perfectly. You know my good qualities and my bad ones. You know my past; you see it clearly. You know my future, you see it happening. You love me just as I am, without any conditions, without any qualifications.

You do not condemn me. You do not judge me. You do forgive me. You have given your life for me on the cross as though I were the only person beside you who ever walked on earth, and you would do it again if you had to. You call me by name, and you love me.

Jesus, free me from my pride, my complacency, my search for the glory of this world and for attention and prestige and appreciation. Teach me humility.

Heal me of any spiritual blindness, Lord, that I may see your face with the eyes of faith, with the eyes of my heart. Teach me to know you through love, especially for the powerful and personal love that you have in your heart for me.
Thank you for your love for me. Amen.

Calm me, O Lord, as you stilled the storm,
Still me, O Lord, keep me from harm.
Let all the tumult within me cease,
Enfold me, Lord, in your peace.

God be in my head

Sarum Missal [11th Century]

God be in my head
And in my understanding;

God be in my eyes,
And in my looking;

God be in my mouth,
And in my speaking;

God be in my heart,
And in my thinking

God be at my end,
And at my departing.


Birth is a beginning and death a destination.
And life is a journey from childhood to maturity,
from youth to age;
from innocence to awareness,
from ignorance to knowing;
from foolishness to discretion
and then, perhaps, to wisdom;
from weakness to strength
or strength to weakness - and back again;
from health to sickness
and back, we pray, to health again;
from offence to forgiveness, from loneliness to love
from joy to gratitude, from pain to compassion;
from grief to understanding, from fear to faith;
from defeat to defeat to defeat . . .
Until looking backward or ahead, we see that victory lies
not at some high place along the way
but in having made the journey, stage by stage.


It helps now and then to step back
and take the long view.
the kingdom is not only beyond our efforts;
it is even beyond our vision.

We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction
of the magnificent enterprise that is God's work
Nothing we do is complete,
which is another way of saying that
the kingdom always lies beyond us.
No statement says all that could be said.
No prayer fully expresses our faith.
No confession brings wholeness.
No programme accomplishes the church's mission.
No set of goals and objectives includes everything.

This is what we are about.
We plant the seeds that one day will grow.
We water seeds already planted,
knowing that they hold future promise.

We lay foundations that will need further
We provide yeast that produces effects
far beyond our capabilities.

We cannot do everything,
and there is a sense of liberation in realising that.
This enables us to do something, and to do it very well.
It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning,
a step along the way, an opportunity for
the Lord's grace to enter and do the rest.

We may never see the end results
but that is the difference
between the master builder and the worker.
We are workers, not master builders,
ministers, not messiahs.
We are prophets of a future not our own. Amen.


Many if not all great undertakings
begin in small and often hidden ways.
Seeds need the darkness, isolation and cover of the earth in order to germinate.
Therefore, for something to begin small, hidden, anonymous, is an advantage.
It means it can develop away from publicity.
There are no pressures. No burden of expectations.
It can develop at its own pace. There is no hurry.
Hurry ruins so many thing.
Hence the importance of beginnings,
of taking care of things in the beginning,
of the small in the accomplishment of the great.


Come, Spirit who is our Light,
Shine among the shadows within.
Warm and transform our hearts
Come, Spirit who makes a home in us.
Draw us to the treasures of your dwelling.
Reveal to us the inner journey of love.
Come, Spirit, Comforter and Consoler.
Heal the wounded. Soothe the anxious.
Be consolation for all who grieve and ache.
Come, Spirit who energises our being.
Keep us from the tangles of toil and travail.
Lead us to moments of prayer and play.
Come, Spirit, consuming Fire of Love,
Fill us with enthusiasm for your vision.
May the desire for truth be vibrant in us.
Come, Spirit, joy of our souls.
Dance amid life's hills and valleys.
Encircle us with the delights of your dance.
Come, Spirit of wisdom and insight.
Draw us towards your goodness and light.
Direct our growth and guide our ways.
Come, Spirit, Strength of wounded ones.
Be warmth in hearts of those who grow cold.
Empower the powerless, rekindle the weary.
Come, Spirit, source of our peace. in us the action of peacemakers.
Heal the divisions that ravage the earth.



Spirit of light, let the fire of your wisdom burn brightly within us.
Spirit of silence, in the still moment may we be open to God's presence.
Spirit of courage, dispel the fear that lingers in our hearts.
Spirit of fire, engulf us with the passion of Christ's love.
Spirit of peace, help us to be attentive to God's word in the world.
Spirit of joy, enthuse us to proclaim aloud the Good News.
Spirit of love, compel us to open ourselves to the needs of others.
Spirit of power, bestow the gift of your strength upon us.
Spirit of truth, guide us to walk in the way of Christ.

Dear God

We are all different

And live in very different places

But you love each one of us the same

Because we are all part of your family.

Help us to remember

How much you love us

And to remember our brothers and sisters

In Ireland and around the world.





Trocaire Prayer

Dear God
You know all our names,
know all about us,
and care for us every day.
Help us to remember children
throughout the world
Who don’t have enough to eat,
And help us to make a world
Where everybody has enough.


In Sickness

The Lord gives; the Lord takes away.
Blessed be the name of the Lord!
Lord, in sickness and in health,
I wish to serve you.
I ask for the gift of restored health
but if it is your will that my sickness continue
please give me the strength to bear my cross.

Canticle of Simeon

Now Master you can let your
servant go in peace
just as you promised

because my eyes have seen
the salvation which you
prepared for all the nations
to see

a light to enlighten the pagans
and the glory of your people Israel

The Nunc Dimittis, Luke 2:29-32


At the beginning of a New Year….

I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in
darkness but will have the light of life.
John 8:12


Dear Lord,
When I have doubts and hesitations
act as my guide.
When I am in darkness, shine
like a lamp to light my path.
When I am worried or troubled,
help me to put all my trust in you.
When I feel lonely, help me to
remember that you are always with me.

Prayer for Advent.
May the Lord bless you.
May he wipe away your tears.
May you weep no more.
May your ears be attuned to his Word
and your steps follow his ways.
Then the Lord will guide you in peace
and feed you from the abundance of his love,
so that you may rejoice always and never lose
from your heart the love he gives. Amen


We cherish the ‘Evening of Life’ as we pray:

May he support us all the day
long, till the shades lengthen
and the evening comes, and the
busy world is hushed, and the
fever of life is over and our work is done!
Then in His Mercy may He give us a safe
lodging and a holy rest and peace at last.

Cardinal Newman

Suscipe of Catherine McAuley
My God
I am yours for
time and eternity
Teach me to cast myself entirely
into the arms of
Your loving Providence
with the most lively, unlimited
confidence in Your
compassionate, tender pity.
Grant me,
O most merciful Redeemer,
that whatever
You ordain or permit
may be acceptable to me.
Take from my heart all painful anxiety;
suffer nothing to sadden me but sin,
nothing to delight me but the hope
of coming to the possession of You,
my God and my All,
in Your everlasting kingdom. Amen

Prayer of the Pilgrim
Lord make us prophets of our times,
Pilgrims not wayfarers.
May each day begin with
prayerful preparation, opening
our hearts to you.
Make us aware, that although
individuals, we travel with others
and help us to keep vigil with you
in that holy place within the heart.
Deepen our awareness of your
abiding presence in us and
around us, as we journey
together today.


Sts Peter & Paul - 29th June

Lord Jesus,
Peter denied you and
Paul persecuted you;
yet you made them witnesses
of your love and truth.
Open our hearts to the
good news they preached,
and grant that we may all love him
whom we do not yet see,
Jesus, your Son our Lord.


‘O my God, Trinity whom I adore, grant my soul peace;
make it your heaven, your beloved dwelling, and the place of your rest.
May I never abandon you there, but may I be there, whole and entire,
completely vigilant in my faith, entirely adoring, wholly given over to
your creative action.’
(Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity)

Reflection Litany to the Holy Spirit
Spirit of light, let the fire of your wisdom burn brightly within us.
Spirit of silence, in the still moment may we be open to God’s presence.
Spirit of courage, dispel the fear that lingers in our hearts.
Spirit of fire, engulf us with the passion of Christ’s love.
Spirit of peace, help us to be attentive to God’s word in the world.
Spirit of joy, enthuse us to proclaim aloud the Good News.
Spirit of love, compel us to open ourselves to the needs of others.
Spirit of power, bestow the gift of your strength upon us.
Spirit of truth, guide us to walk in the way of Christ.


Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus Christ,
While you walked the roads of Palestine,
you chose and called apostles
and confided to them the task of preaching the Gospel, of feeding your flock and ministering your Sacraments.
Grant that, in our day,
Your Church may not be deprived of holy priests who will share with everyone the fruits of your Passion and Resurrection.
Pope John Paul II

Prayer of the Pilgrim

Lord, make us the prophets of our times,
Pilgrims not wayfarers.
May each day begin
with prayerful preparation,
opening our hearts to you.
Make us aware,
that although individuals,
we travel with others
and help us to keep vigil with you
in that holy place within the heart.
Deepen our awareness of
your abiding presence in us and around us,
as we journey together today.

We wish you Easter eyes – Eyes that will allow you see
Beyond death into life
Beyond sin to forgiveness
Beyond division to unity
Beyond wounds to beauty
Through the human to
the divine
Through the divine to
the human
From the ‘I’ to the ‘You’.
And - enabling all of this –
The totality of Easter energy!

Bishop Klaus Hemmerle - Aachen 1993

Dear God,

Thank you for the promises you
made us and for always looking
after us.
Help us to remember that all
people are our neighbours, and
help us to care for them as You
care for us.

Remember your Trócaire Box

Macartan of Clogher 506-2006

A Diocesan Celebration of Fifteen Hundred Years of Faith – in St Macartan’s Cathedral, Monaghan this Sunday 26th March at 3.00 pm. Light refreshments afterwards in the Hillgrove Hotel.
• Please be seated in the Cathedral by 2.45 pm.
• The Bus (which is free) will leave from the Library at 1.15 pm.

Saint Macartan was a companion of Saint Patrick. His name associates him with the Rowan Tree, or Mountain Ash. Patrick gave him responsibility for the early Christian community in Clogher, where he died in 506.

This week we celebrate 1500 years of faith in Clogher Diocese, which honours Macartan as
its patron Saint.

Some Prayers...

Glory be to him whose power,
working in us, can do infinitely
more than we can ask or imagine;
glory be to him from generation
to generation in the Church and in
Christ Jesus for ever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3: 20-21



Talk with the year which is coming
as with a friend who is crossing your
threshold to bring you gifts.
Accept the Spring, the Summer, the
Autumn and the Winter of the year
and of life as perfect expressions
of the Creator and be thankful.
Then you will surely grow with it.

Ella W. Wilcox

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you.
Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you. A Gaelic Blessing


A Family Prayer around the Advent Wreath

O God,
as light comes from these candles,
may the blessing of Jesus Christ come to us,
warming our hearts and brightening our way.
May Christ our Saviour
bring life into the darkness of this world,
and to us, as we wait for his coming.

Father of love,
you made a new creation
through Jesus Christ your Son.
May his coming free us from sin
and renew his life within us,
for he lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Daily Prayer
O Wisdom, Come to teach me the way of truth.
O Lord of Israel, Come to redeem me with an outstretched arm.
O Root of Jesse, Come to bring me new life; do not delay.
O Key of David, Come to open my prison doors and set me free.
O Radiant Dawn, Come to bring light to the darkness in my life.
O King of all Nations, Come to save me and give me peace.
O God-With-Us, Stay with me and send me forth in your name.
Amen. O Antiphons, adapted

Praise to the Holiest in the height,
and in the depths be praise.
In all his words most wonderful,
most sure in all his ways.

CARDINAL NEWMAN - 16th October 2005

We cherish the ‘Evening of Life’ as we pray:

May he support us all the day
long, till the shades lengthen and
the evening comes, and the busy
world is hushed, and the fever of
life is over and our work is done!
Then in His Mercy may He give
us a safe lodging and a holy rest
and peace at last.

Cardinal Newman - 9th October 2005

Give us, Lord,
a humble, quiet, peaceable,
patient, tender, charitable mind
and in all our thoughts, words and deeds
a taste of your Holy Spirit.
Give us Lord,
a lively faith,
a firm hope,
a warm charity,
a love of you.
Give us warmth and delight
in thinking of you
and your grace and tender compassion to us.
The things that we pray for, Lord,
give us grace to work for,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Amen. St Thomas More

I leave you now with this prayer:

that the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself to each
one of you,
that He will give you the strength to go out
and profess that you are Christian,
that He will show you that He alone can fill your hearts.
Accept His freedom and embrace His truth
and be messengers of the certainty
that you have been truly liberated
through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.
This will be the new experience,
The powerful experience,
that will generate, through you, a more just society
and a better world.
God bless you, and may the joy of Jesus
be always with you.
Amen - John Paul II


A prayer for those who live alone

I live alone dear Lord,
stay by my side.
In all my daily needs
be thou my guide.
Grant me good health, for that indeed I pray,
to carry on my work from day to day.
Keep pure my mind, my thoughts,
my every deed, let me be kind,
unselfish in my neighbours’ needs.
Spare me from fire, from flood,
malicious tongues,
from thieves, from fear and evil ones.
If sickness or an accident I befall,
then humbly Lord I pray, hear thou my call.
And when I’m feeling low or in despair,
Lift up my heart and help me in my prayer.
I live alone dear Lord, yet have no fear,
because I feel your presence ever near.

Dear Lord,
Let me know
the cool breeze of your Spirit over me.

Let me know
the gentle warmth of your love within me.

Let me know
that you are here, Lord Jesus.

Help me on dark days
when it seems you have gone away.

Help me on sunny days
when you are here to stay.

Let me know
that you are here, Lord Jesus. Amen.



All powerful and ever living God, we find
security in your forgiveness; give us the
fine weather we pray for so that we may
rejoice in your gifts of kindness and use
them always for your glory and our good.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord



I got up early one morning
and rushed right into the day;
I had so much to accomplish
that I didn’t have time to pray.

Problems just tumbled about me,
and heavier came each task.
Why doesn’t God help me? I wondered.
He answered, “you didn’t ask”.

I wanted to see joy and beauty,
but the day toiled on, grey and bleak.
I wondered why God didn’t show me,
He said, “but you didn’t seek”.

I tried to come into God’s presence;
I used all my keys at the lock,
God gently and lovingly chided,
“My child, you didn’t knock”.

I woke up early this morning,
And paused before entering the day;
I had so much to accomplish
That I HAD to take Time to Pray.


Bless, O God
our families.

Give to fathers and mothers
and those who care for us
the spirit of understanding
and the spirit of love,
that our homes may be
places of peace and laughter.

Come into our homes, O Lord,
and protect us with your love,
so that we may live in peace
and rejoice in the quiet beauty
of your blessing.

Christopher Herbert



Dear Lord,
Help me approach my exams
with a clear head and a calm mind.
Give me your strength
and your peace
and let me do justice to
all that I have learned.
Thank you Lord,
for all my talents and gifts.


Grant me, O Lord,
the courage to change the things that I can,
the serenity to accept the things that I cannot,
and the wisdom to know the difference.


God of infinite goodness,
from the very beginning of your Church
you have enabled us to renew our faith
through communion with the
Body and Blood of Christ.
May the sacrament of your love
sustain us as we journey towards the day
when this mystery will stand unveiled
for ever and ever.

Open Wide the Doors
If we let Christ into our lives, we
lose nothing, nothing, absolutely
nothing of what makes life free,
beautiful and great. Only in this
friendship are the doors of life
opened wide. Only in this
friendship is the great potential
of human existence truly revealed.
Only in this friendship do we
experience beauty and liberation.
And so, today, with great strength
and great conviction,on the basis
of long personal experience of life,
I say to you, dear young people:
Do not be afraid of Christ! He
takes nothing away, and he gives
you everything. When we give
ourselves to him, we receive a
hundredfold in return. Yes,open,
open wide the doors to Christ –
and you will find true life. Amen.
Pope Benedict XVI
End of homily at Mass of Inauguration, 24 April 2005