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Fifteen, Maybe Sixteen things To Worry About

Judith Viorst 1931.

My pants could maybe fall down when I dive off the diving board.

My nose could maybe keep growing and never quit.

Miss Brearly could ask me to spell words like stomach and special.

(Stumick and speshul?)

I could play tag all day and always be “it.”

Jay Spievack, who’s fourteen feet tall, could want to fight me.

My mom and my dad--like Ted’s--could want a divorce.

Miss Brearly could ask me a question about Afghanistan.

(Who’s Afghanistan?)

Somebody maybe could make me ride a horse.

My mother could maybe decide that I needed more liver.

My dad could decide that I needed less TV.

Miss Brearly could say that I have to write script and stop printing.

(I’m better at printing.)

Chris could decide to stop being friends with me.

The world could maybe come to an end on next Tuesday.

The ceiling could maybe come crashing on my head.

I maybe could run out of things for me to worry about.

And then I’d have to do my homework instead.

(This little poem illustrates the futility of worry, when we really should be getting on with what we have to do!)

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Sunday Night Music Series

The Sunday Night Music Series in the Hillhead Church, continues on Sunday 12th March. The musical guests on the night will be the Sutton Park School Choir and the Howth Church Choir, both from Dublin. They will be directed by Fionnuala Howard, formally Fionnuala McLaughlin, Ballylinn, Malin. Refreshments will be served at 7pm with the performance starting at 7.30pm. This is the final night in this series. Everyone welcome.